Have you noticed that the modern workplace has changed?

Even though there are debates about the traditional workplace vs modern workplace and the way each contributes to employees’ productivity, more companies adopt modern workplace to stay innovative and competitive.

The modern workplace is evolving because it empowers the workforce with technology novelties. Such a transformation boosts profitability, productivity, and agility of the organization.

What does the modern workplace mean?

The modern workplace is the working environment powered by the most advanced technology, IT security, cloud-based computing, AI, and automation so that the team reaches the full potential.

But the modern workplace environment is not just about technology.

When creating a modern digital workplace, the organization does not solely get upgraded with new software or devices. It involves the shift in our minds about how the work should be done.

It is also about creating an environment that fosters collaboration, work and life balance, productivity.

What does the modern workplace look like?

The traditional office is no longer effective. The days when the workers’ productivity is measured by stay-in-the-office hours are gone. So does the working environment where all the work-related data is kept under lock and key.

That is why the modern workplace has burst into our offices and changed the company’s culture. It has totally transformed the way employees carry out their tasks.

The modern workplace enablement is all about security, productivity, collaboration regardless of where the workers are, and what tools they use for the connection.

In view of the foregoing, the modern workplace is defined by the following features:

  • working anywhere and anytime entering necessary apps from any device
  • protecting your devices and data wherever you may go
  • staying productive having access to all the information you need
  • collaborating with your colleagues from any place
  • leveraging automation, AI, and IoT technologies in the daily routine
  • use the latest tools that enhance productivity and motivation

How can you adopt a modern workplace for your organization?

To enjoy modern workplace benefits in your company, you should craft a modern workplace vision as well as build a modern workplace strategy tailored to your specific business objectives.

Changing the company culture paradigm and leveraging a modern workplace digital experience is easy with the right technical approach.

The modern desktop workplace is all part of the battle. You should create the best modern desktop environment to enable innovation to boost the efficiency and motivation of your employees.

The modern digital workplace endorses the use of different devices like PCs, tablets, cell phones.

Mobile phones are great to keep in touch with colleagues or do some easy tasks on the go.

Tablets work great if you need to interact with the content.

However, the PC is still the most favorite working device for the majority of workers.

If your organization is still powered by Windows 7 and Office 2010, it is time to learn more about a modern desktop environment.

Keeping everyone within the company as productive as possible is the key to creating a modern IT desktop.

So building a solid foundation for synchronization of all modern workplace devices and updating your desktop is the right approach when adopting a modern workplace for your organization.

What is a modern desktop

A modern desktop is an environment that includes the latest versions of the tools and enables users to benefit from the modern workplace. It means that they have access to the tools whenever they need it while staying secured and up to date.

The most common modern desktop operating systems are:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

Microsoft is the leader in providing modern desktop solutions. Leveraging their ecosystem to your business, you can let your employees enjoy all modern workplace perks you won’t able to deliver before.

Create a modern workplace with Microsoft 365

The support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020, which means that no patches or security fixes will be released by Microsoft. That could cause serious issues with maintaining all your company devices and keeping them protected.

So there is no other choice but to shift to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365.

It allows upgrading the organization with a better computer experience. It adds security and productivity features like Windows Hello, support for gestures, touch, voice, regular security updates backed by the Microsoft cloud.

Microsoft 365 modern desktop shift includes:

  • Windows 7 => Windows 10
  • Office => Office 365 ProPlus

The modern style desktop powered by Microsoft 365 provides new opportunities to deploy security and featured updates to bring your modern workplace ideas to life.

Benefits of office 365 modern workplace:

  • a smooth transition from Windows 7 — all your applications and software are compatible with Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus;
  • better security of your tools and applicationsregular security patches and updates will safeguard your systems and sensitive data;
  • added features enable creating a modern workplace — leverage modern digital workplace trends in your organization to create better working conditions for your employees.

Implement a modern workplace strategy with PRONKO

At PRONKO we are convinced that every business is unique.

Our Modern Workplace Solution Architect will find the right approach to perform your modern workplace project.

With the right solution, PRONKO will skyrocket your team’s productivity enabling every employee to reveal the hidden potential limited by old-fashioned traditional workplace routine.
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