The digital business has seen the rise these years. An overwhelming majority of companies and enterprises invest in IT solutions and web-based systems to run and maintain their business. Almost all business processes like payments, stock maintenance, services provisions, and others are conducted with the use of digital assets. That is why the need for security testing has never been so resolute.

What is security testing?

Security testing is the full range of testing initiatives that are conducted with the aim of revealing breaches in security mechanisms as well as vulnerabilities in networks, software, servers, or backup systems.

When evaluating various elements of security such as confidentiality, authentication, authorization, integrity, and resilience, this type of testing defines whether the system is vulnerable and protected from potential hacker’s attacks.

Why should businesses run security tests regularly?

If you are running a business online, you might be afraid of facing the nightmares of every online business owner:

  • website downtime
  • loss of your clients’ trust
  • drop in income
  • loss of critical data
  • ruined reputation

These are just a few issues a company might undergo if it disregards the importance of security testing. More and more organizations run security tests regularly to protect their systems and channels of communications with their customers to protect transactions, personal or corporate data from any possible breaches or unintended penetration.

Hackers are becoming more resourceful, so businesses should give particular attention to the security systems to ensure the identification and elimination of vulnerable areas early before the threat becomes a big issue. Security testing is the only way to identify potential weak areas in digital systems and take preventive measures to eliminate gaps in security.

How PRONKO helps you run your business flawlessly with security testing

Timely identification and management of flaws in the security system are critical for the seamless operation of all your business assets. PRONKO runs security tests to protect your devices and systems from various classes of threats like SQL injection, unauthorized data access, DoS attacks, identity spoofing, XSS, and other malicious acts.

Our focus areas are:

  • network
  • servers
  • software
  • backup systems

PRONKO monitors your networks, servers, applications, and backup systems with our centralized automated system and proven software to timely detect any flaws in your devices so that you avoid the costs of IT downtime, failures, or outages.

PRONKO covers major types of security testing

  • Static code analysis lets us identify security breaches in the software as we review the source code with automated analysis tools.
  • Penetration testing is run to simulate the hacker attack for detecting potential vulnerabilities in a particular system.
  • Load testing allows preventing DDoS attackers intrusions whose aim is to disrupt the software or website availability by intentionally generating heavy demand.
  • Vulnerability scanning enables us to detect system breaches and vulnerabilities with the use of automated software.
  • Ethical hacking involves penetrating company’s systems to find any vulnerabilities in the system security that could have bypassed by malicious hackers.
  • Security scanning is performed to define weak points in our focus areas so that to reduce risks of downtime or intrusion.
  • Risk assessment involves checking and analyzing possible threats by giving them prioritization.
  • Posture assessment defines the whole security posture of the company and combines ethical hacking, security scanning, and risk assessment.

There is no compromise when it comes to protecting your sensitive data, reputation, integrity, and customers’ trust. Invest in security testing to protect your brand from devastating cyber-attacks.